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Getting Married in Greece

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    “Tying the Knot” and Vow Renewal  

    Day 1: “Tying the Knot” and Vow Renewal 

    Let the romance of your honeymoon in Greece begin with your wedding! What an exciting time in your lives! Your wedding plans can be entrusted in the hands of the professional staff of Cloud Tours. Our personnel are knowledgeable with the USA and Greek formalities needed to get married in Greece.  When you arrive in Greece, you will be warmly welcomed and prepared for the most important day of your life!  Trust your wedding day to us, in the USA! Unique Santorini is the perfect choice for an island wedding!  Your civil ceremony will take place on the Cliffside, overlooking the sea. The spectacular view of the blue sky, turquoise sea and white homes clinging to the Cliffside create the stunning background for your wedding! Known for its endless beauty, jet-set Mykonos is the stunning setting for your wedding!  White washed homes against the azure sea and sky, and an endless stretch of a sandy beach will be the background for your civil ceremony.  The Myconian Collection Hotels Resorts is a possible venue with spectacular views. Already married? Renew your vows in the stunning Greek Isles!                

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