Why Cloud Tours?

Cloud Tours’ specializes in Independent Tours to Europe creating unique travel experiences. We believe your vacation is an investment that has to pay off! You work hard and deserve to have an unforgettable and incredible vacation. We will customize  your vacation to meet your travel dates, your budget, your interests and your desires – all at affordable rates.  After all, your vacation is for you and about you!

How many years has Cloud Tours been planning fabulous independent tours to Europe?

47 years

Which countries do you specialize in?

Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Cyprus.

Is the travel consultant I speak to at Cloud Tours familiar with the destination I am traveling to?

Cloud Tours believes in educating its staff in the destinations we specialize in. You will be speaking with a travel consultant who is familiar and has probably been to the destination you are traveling to.

If we travel with Cloud Tours, what happens if we have an emergency overseas?

Cloud Tours has representative offices overseas to assist all our clients. You will be given a 24/ 7  emergency telephone number. In  the few cases there is no representative office, the hotel management would assist you. Cloud Tours in NYC will be  notified as soon as possible.

How are the hotels you work with selected?

Hotels are inspected yearly by one of the Cloud Tours staff or by our local representative office to reconfirm or ascertain that they are living up to our standards.

How are the offices who represent you in Europe selected?

We carefully select the office we work with in each country, city and island. The philosophy of that office must match ours – we are committed to excellent service to you from your first call to us up to your return home.

What are transfers and do I need them?

We include transfers in our independent tours to facilitate your trip. A transfer is provided whenever you arrive or depart into a city. This means that a driver will meet you at your hotel and drive you to the airport or pier or a driver will be waiting for you at an airport or pier and drive you to your hotel. Taxis on the Greek islands are limited and there are often long lines at airports and piers. Transfers are a necessity in Santorini if you are staying at a Cliffside property – the driver will notify the hotel of your arrival to send a porter up to the square area to guide you and take your baggage down the Cliffside.

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