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Kivotos Santorini


Kivotos Santorini stands out with its bold colour scheme, masterful configuration and aesthetic sophistication. Inspired by the island’s volcanic landscape, the hotel’s unconventional all-black colour scheme stands out against Santorini’s all-white vernacular. Conceived as a badge of differentiation, unconventionality and uniqueness, the choice of colour is also symbolic - black is the absorption of all colours and thus a proclamation of desire, and therefore encapsulates the hotel’s mission: to inspire guests to experience their holiday to the fullest, to let go of everything that holds them back, to listen to their heart’s desires, to feel rather than think, to unapologetically enjoy life. The guest experience is at the heart of Kivotos Santorini’s architecture. Ingenious planning offers guests the chance to enjoy unobstructed, 180-degree views of the breathtaking spectacle that is the world-famous volcanic caldera rising from the Aegean Sea, while its strategic location means you can drive right up to the hotel’s entrance unlike most properties which require climbing down several staircases. Local materials and traditional craftsmanship imbue the hotel with vernacular authenticity while a minimalist design aesthetic convey contemporary sophistication.
  • Unique location at the highest spot of Santorini’s caldera

  • The hotel's dark color scheme and unique design stand out against the all-white vernacular of the island

  • Easy access with only a few steps

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