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Kivotos Mykonos


In complete harmony with nature’s handiwork and classic Cycladic design, Kivotos' 40 suites and villas range in picturesque fashion down the rocky hillside towards its own private beach, providing an aesthetic environment, more of a ‘home’ than a ‘hotel’, where you can truly take your time to reflect on what is most important to you; to bring a richness and vitality back into your life and reveal layers of your personality previously hidden from yourself. It was back in 1993 when the aesthetically intriguing image of a French antique mirror against a dazzling white wall flickered the owner’s imagination and inspired the creation of a blissful holiday retreat that would combine original fine art, first-class luxury amenities and personalized hospitality. The unique identity of this 5-star hotel in Mykonos - initially intended as a family villa - created a distinctive legacy only to become a captivating holiday retreat for art connoisseurs and modern travel aficionados who desire the finest, most exclusive experiences imaginable. The Michopoulos family has a deep interest in culture, fine arts and history, which is evidently reflected in the hotel’s allure, ambiance and aesthetics. Well-travelled throughout the world, its members – each from a different standpoint- have contributed to the creation of this daringly elegant resort in Mykonos, where everything is masterfully planned and crafted to impress the sharpened perception of luxury-loving travelers.
  • Beachfront hotel with private beach

  • Water transfer service from/to hotel's private beach to famous beach clubs

  • Unique location on Ornos bay, just a short drive to Mykonos town

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