Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Volcano

Optional Tour in Rome

Meet the tour assistant and driver early morning in Rome and board your comfortable coach to Pompei. Follow your expert local guide as they recreate the hustle and bustle of this once-busy port town, explaining what each building was used for, where families ate their meals, did laundry and socialized. Your guide will recreate for you the final days of Pompeii as you examine the harrowing death casts scattered around the ruins at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius.

Then drive a short distance to the most dangerous volcano in the world – a title held for the 3 million people living around its base today. A 40-minute hike up Mt. Vesuvius offers the most stunning view of the Bay of Naples below and a taste of the utter devastation it must have caused when it erupted in 79AD, literally wiping Pompeii off the map for 1,500 years.
Your Pompeii Day Trip from Rome includes a lunch of authentic Neopolitan pizza (or pasta if you’d rather) and round-trip transport from Rome.

Duration: 13 hours
Inclusions: Coach, guide & entry
Maximum Passengers: 25
Rate: $185.00 USD

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