Imperial Hotel Tramontano


Throughout its long history, originally as a private residence then from 1812 as a hotel, the Imperial Hotel Tramontano has had the great privilege of playing host to the most important personages of the literary world. The vast, elegant halls and lounges, sparkling with reflections from the sea, are decorated with frescoes, majolica, soft oriental carpets, period statues, old masters and priceless Sorrentine inlaid furniture. Designed in 1888 by English landscape artists, the garden contains rare, centuries-old Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants. By day the Restaurant reflects the blue of the sea and sky, while in the evening it reserves a romantic atmosphere with the delicate pattern of fishing lights. The richness of detail in the suites and rooms, with views over the Gulf or over the Mediterranean park filled with rare centuries-old plants, makes them unique, every one different.

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